VIVOTE – Election System of the Virgin Islands

Government of the Virgin Islands

Poll Watchers Notice

The Board of Elections is requesting the respective Party leadership (Democratic, Republican, ICM) and Independent candidates in the 2022 General Election to submit a list of names for poll watchers and specify the Voting Center, that each poll watcher will be assigned. For example, in the St. Croix District, there are five (5) Vote Centers, so please specify up to three (3) poll watchers per Vote Center. Please Note: A candidate and political party may appoint three watchers in each Voting Center, but only one can remain inside a polling place at a given time.

Attached to this press release is a listing of Voting Centers in the District of St. Croix and District of St. Thomas/St. John. (Only Territorial candidates (Gubernatorial, Senatorial At-Large, & Territorial Committee At Large can submit listings for the two districts.)

Pursuant to Title 18 Section 552 (b & c), Each political party or political body which has nominated candidates in accordance with this title, and each nominated independent candidate, may appoint three watchers at any general election for each polling place in which the candidates of such party or body, or such independent candidate, are to be voted for. Such watchers shall serve without expense to the territory.) Each candidate for nomination or election at a primary may appoint two watchers in each polling place in which such candidate is to be voted for. All watchers appointed under this section shall be qualified registered voters of the legislative district in which they are authorized to act. Only one watcher for each candidate at primaries, or for each political party or body or independent candidate at general elections, shall be allowed to remain in the polling place at any one time prior to the close of the polls, and all watchers in the room shall remain outside the enclosed space. After the close of the polls and while the ballots are being counted, all the watchers shall be permitted to be in the polling place outside the enclosed space. Each watcher shall be provided with a certificate from the district board of elections, stating his name and the name of the candidate, political party or body or independent nominee he represents. Watchers shall be required to show their certificates when requested to do so.

Please submit your appointed poll watchers listing, no later than Friday, October 14, 2022 to If you require further clarification regarding this notice, please feel free to contact either Deputy Supervisor-St. Croix, Terrell Alexandre at or via phone at 340-773- 1021 or Deputy Supervisor-St. Thomas-St. John District, Kevermay Douglas at or via phone at 340-774-3107.