VIVOTE – Election System of the Virgin Islands

Government of the Virgin Islands

Poll Information Guidelines

The right to vote is the corner stone of the democratic process. Voting is one of our most significant and cherished privileges. The Constitution and the laws of both the United States and the Virgin Islands guarantee and protect the right to vote.

As Election Officers you are responsible for ensuring that the election process is implemented in a fair and impartial manner, in accordance with the law of the Virgin Islands.

This handbook has been prepared by the Office of the Supervisor of Elections to assist election officers in the administration of their duties. Please read this handbook carefully. If you are unsure of any of the procedures described in the Poll Worker’s Handbook, please call my offices at (340) 773-1021 or (340) 774-3107. A member of my staff will gladly assist in answering any questions you have.

On behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all Election Officers for their dedication, hard work, patience and perseverance you exhibit in this important role.


  • Pursuant to Title 18 section 552 Virgin Islands Code permits each candidate to have “Poll Watchers” in each polling place.
  • Political parties or bodies and each independent candidate shall notify the Office of the Supervisor of Elections in writing of the names of poll watcher seven (7) days before the election.
  • At a primary election each candidate may appoint two (2) watchers in each polling place in which such candidate is to voted.
  • At a general election each candidate may appoint three (3) watchers in each polling place in which such candidate is to vote.
  • All watchers appointed shall be qualified registered voters of the legislative district in which they are authorized to act.
  • Only one watcher for each candidate shall be allowed to remain in the polling place at any one time prior to the close of the polls.
  • All watchers in the room shall remain outside the area identified by the judge of election.
  • During the closing poll process all watchers shall be permitted in the polling place.
  • Each watcher shall be provided with a watchers badge and certificate stating his name, the candidates name, party affiliation or status. Watchers shall be required to present their certificates when requested to do so.
  • Watchers allowed in the polling place may keep a list of voters. This list shall only be for the purpose of challenging any person making application to vote.
  • A watcher may be permanently ejected form a polling place or the polling ground upon a determination by the judge of election or in his absence by the both election inspectors.

Because of the large number of candidates and the limitations of space in the Election System’s counting centers watchers representing candidates are not permitted within the Counting area itself. The area is limited to Board members and Election System staff. Representatives form the media, political parties and candidates are invited to view election results from various monitors located throughout the election office. The Office of the Supervisor of Elections is available to answer any questions concerning the election or counting process.



  • Present watches certificate to the poll judge.
  • Wear a badge issued by the Board with the name of the candidate and watchers name.
  • Remain in the designated area within the polling place.
  • Share nay and all information provided by the Board of Elections.


  • Check with the Inspectors to view voter registration card.
  • Request information on specific voters.
  • Alternate watcher


  • Touch any polling place material, except the computer listing or voter registration cards,
  • Interfere with polling place officials
  • Wear campaign paraphernalia or other campaign items.
  • Obstruct the election process.
  • Talk to voters while in line or casting ballots.