VIVOTE – Election System of the Virgin Islands

Government of the Virgin Islands

Office of the Supervisor

The Office of the Supervisor of Elections was established by Act 936 in February 1963, which was later amended by Act 5157, The Election Reform Act of 1984, and codified in Title 18, Chapter 1, Section 4, of the Virgin Islands Code. The Supervisor of Elections is charged with the responsibility of administering and regulating the election laws of the Territory and is subject to the direction, control, and supervision of the Boards of Elections.

This includes certifying to the Boards of Elections the names of candidates for primaries and general elections; determining sufficiency of nomination petitions; receiving reports from the Deputy Supervisors and requiring such additional reports as deemed necessary; maintaining records of registered voters; hiring per-diem employees and performing administrative duties involved in maintaining offices in St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix; and preparing for the review and approval of the Joint Boards the annual budget for the Boards.

The Supervisor of Election has the direct responsible for administering the provision of the Campaign Disclosure Law.


To regain and increase public confidence in the election system by assuring all of our Elections are Fair, Accessible, Secure and Transparent.

Mission Statement​

To conduct reliable elections and accurately maintain voter registration records for Virgin Islands citizens. Uphold the laws, policies and court decisions of federal and local jurisdictions. Commit to excellence and competence by maintaining the highest level of knowledge and expertise in the election process. Maintain public confidence in honest and impartial elections. Provide equal opportunity to participate in the democratic process. Maintain a positive role in community relations by being accessible, informative and receptive to both individual citizens and groups. Protect the public’s interest from manipulation for personal or partisan gain while respecting the rights of all. Maintain a productive and efficient operation through a well-managed election environment through actions and communication. Maintain the highest level of integrity in performing all duties of the electoral process.

Our Commitment to Our Voters

The staff commits to excellence in maintaining up-to-date, accurate voter registration rolls to provide fair and equal opportunities for all qualified voters to participate in the democratic process.


To coordinate and implement all election related services and activities in the Virgin Islands .


  • To implement daily services of registration, change of name, address and party membership, complete affidavits, copy/examine records, forward notices of electors, etc.
  • Assist in the increase of voter registration and education.
  • To recommend the amendments necessary for a comprehensive reform of Title 18.
  • To plan and conduct the Primary Election.
  • To plan and conduct General Election.